What we do


Startups: Mentoring young entrepreneurs

Mentoring young entrepreneurs to create successful businesses is one of the most rewarding contributions P Hafner can make. We mentor both founders and management and eventually become a co-shareholder of the mentee.

Seed Capital: Industry know-how and experience

Startups that are active mainly in the areas of foodtec and greentec, with sound management and a solid business model, are our primary focus. P Hafner mobilizes not only capital, but also knowledge and networks, to facilitate impact investing.

Co-shareholding: Smart capital for running a business

P Hafner brings real solutions to sustainable businesses that are interested in financial, social, and environmental returns. We expect our investees to be niche players with strong technological components, a solid business model, and sound management.

We offer the flexibility and advantages of a boutique studio and adapt to your needs

Family firms

Family Boards: Connecting the dots

Family-owned companies face unique challenges based on the nature and composition of the firm’s ownership. Lack of alignment among family members is the greatest destroyer of value in family firms, which ultimately can risk the firm’s continuity.

P Hafner assists families in navigating the challenges of leadership and governance across generations. Based on our vast experience working with family business owners in Switzerland, P Hafner helps family members define their values and align their interests. This process takes place within the firm’s board and allows families to define their family strategy. During this process, P Hafner facilitates decision-making as a neutral member of the family board.

Supervisory Boards: Constructive membership

The family strategy needs to be translated into a sustainable business strategy, which is undertaken by the supervisory board. Establishing an efficient and effective supervisory board is one of the biggest challenges that family firms face. Supervisory boards in family firms need to be diverse, compact, and dynamic. They must have family representation as well as highly qualified external members. Each member’s integrity, independence, and accountability are key for a board’s success. Supervisory boards in family firms also need to follow the family strategy and respect it in all decisions. Board membership in companies that are seeking this level of excellence is part of P Hafner’s portfolio.

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Leadership in challenging moments

Many situations arise in which companies need to reinforce their management to implement a decisive change in direction, to face times of substantial instability, to redefine the business model and then implement it, or simply to execute an important transaction. P Hafner offers significant experience to strengthen and support companies that need solid leadership when facing challenging moments.